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About me

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Aladdin Vicuna. I am a Game Designer/Developer and a Full Sail University alumni. I graduated on October 4th, 2019, with a BS in Game Design. During my time at Full Sail I’ve learned a lot about the gaming industry and gaming as a whole. I have always loved the idea of creating video games and with the help of Full Sail, I am able to pursue my dreams of making my game ideas come to life.


Camping With Your Lover (Short)

Camping With Your Lover Still

Camping With Your Lover is a short created using Unity. With this short I experimented with learning how to use Cinemachine to create short cutscenes using timelines, pre-made assets, and animations.

Camping With Your Lover Video

Kingdom Jump

A platformer game in its own league! Swing, jump and fight your way through the kingdom in an unmatched adventure. Become a hero by swinging through mystical landscapes as you fight your way through unseen monstrous creatures. It is your destiny to win and prevent the magical Kingdom from being overrun by monsters. Kingdom Jump is set to make a release on Mobile Sep 2020.

Kingdom Jump Website

Kingdom Jump Trailer

Roles and Responsibilites : Lead Game Designer May 2020 - Present

Weapons Stats & Database

Storyboard Panels

Updated Comic Panels


Deceason is a multiplayer PvP/PvE Looter Shooter. Players will join servers to play on a large sandbox-style map. Loot will be dropped and hidden around the map for players to find and collect. The primary gameplay involves: PvP - in which players drop what they are carrying on death, thus encouraging the players to hunt each other along with the map’s loot. PvE - involves monsters hunting the player and vice versa. Monsters will also drop loot at varying rates depending on the monster killed (higher level monsters drop higher level loot). Currently Deceason is in active development by Passion7 LLC where I am contracted as a remote game designer and is set to make an alpha release June 2020

Role and Responsibilities: Game Designer Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Leveling System, Skill Tree, PVP Rating system Sheet Link

Weapons & Items Database Sheet Link

Story Elements Doc Link

Skill Tree Doc Link

The Red Door

Untitled Horror Title Screen

The Red door is a first-person Horror game in which players take on the role of an abductee trying to escape a serial killers house of horrors. Players will have to solve puzzles, find keys to unlock the doors, and use portals to reach the next area until they escape the house all while running away from the murderer. The Red Door was released on Feb 23, 2020 and received over 3000+ downloads. It is available to play on and

Role and Resposibilities: Game Designer Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

The Red Door Demo Link

The Red Door Demo Link

Full fan playthrough: Youtube Link

The Red Door early development gameplay video: Youtube Link

Puzzle gameplay video: Youtube Link

Portal gameplay VIdeo: Youtube Link

Stones of Cataria: Talewinds

Stones of Cataria: Talewinds Screenshot

Stones of Cataria: Talewinds is an RPG intended for kids. With simple inventories, quests, and a dungeon system, Talewinds aims to be a less complex RPG that is story driven so it’s easy for kids to pick up but also interesting enough for adults to play. Players will wake up in the free lands of the Winds with no recollection of how they got there or who they are. Someone is leaving notes(Quests) for you and as you pick them up you slowly start to get an idea of where you are and who you are. Talewinds is a personal project of mine that is currently still in development with no set release date. See design document at the bottom of this page for more info.

Role and Responsibilites: Game Designer Dec 2019 - Present

Bubbles Escape

Bubbles Escape Title Screen Bubbles Escape is a Metroidvania style platformer designed in Unity by a team of 6 designers and 3 artists over the course of four months for our final project at Full Sail University. Players will encounter a Metroid style world where they use powerups they find around the underground labs as they work their way out of the area 51 bunkers. With 3 different types of weapons, 5 enemies, and 3 bosses. For a better understanding of the game take a look at our Dev notes here. The game has been published on! link below.

Role and Responsibilities: Game Designer June - Oct 2019

Play Bubbles Escape: link

Bubbles Escape playthrough video: Youtube link

Holey Rollers

Holey Rollers Screenshot

Holey Rollers is a fast paced racing game where players will be given multiple routes to finish their race while trying to get 3 stars on each race. Falling off the track will respawn you at a set checkpoint but will freeze you for a few seconds and in a game all about finishing as fast as you can you will need to use your skills and memory to try and finish the races before their set times and earn all 3 stars for each race. Use +1 leap boxes to add to your leap counter and watch out for -1 boxes. If your leaps reaches 0 you will no longer be able to jump. Grab as many -5 time coins to get an even faster finish time. Can you wall jump your way to the finish line and earn all the stars!?

Role and Responsibilities: Game Designer Nov - Dec 2019

Play Holey Rollers: link

Where’s the Bathroom

Where’s the Bathroom!? is a first-person maze runner game I designed and developed myself for Full Sail. The game was part of a sort of game jam style class in which every student had to follow a theme. The game takes place in a supermarket in which you have to find the bathroom before the bomb in your pants explodes. While running through the store you must avoid the guards and find the pin code to the bathroom before time runs out.

Role and Responsibilities: Game Designer Apr - May 2019

Play Where’s the Bathroom!?: Download link

Design Documents

Stones of Cataria

Stones of Cataria Design Doc


Warpaty Design Doc


Avalanche Presentation

Where’s the Bathroom!?

Where’s the Bathroom!? Design Doc